Sunday, December 19, 2010

try to except things differently

goshh, i was shaking this morning after I've get your phone call,
are we not going out anymore?
me and you?
i just want only one answer,
from you,
straight from your mouth,
but i never get the chance to ask you,
and when theres a moment that i can ask,
the words just don't come out that easily,
i'm forcing myself to do things that hurt me the most,
loving you,
and i know the truth and i can just easily walk away from you,
but i can't,
i really just can't,
i can open my eyes and learn how to except reality,
but all i ever wanted to think is i always wanted you to be with me,
to be somebody special to me,
when you were close to me,
all my hatred to you just gone away,
i felt even we don't have love on it,
i just felt secure being beside you,
how i miss you all this time,
how i ever wanted to be the special p
erson of your life,
but the reality i'm just hurting my self,
i can move on,
with others,
but i can't because deep inside this hatred of mine is actually love,
but for you,
love is nothing,
love is changeable,
you can easily change love to lie,
for you,
this things doesn't matter for you at all,
i can see that,
maybe i'm the pathetic girl that you were pity for,
and i really need to wake up from this dream of mine :,(

positive thinking part :)

first things first, welcome to the blog world :)

and a really big thanks for the very very very very supporting words :,)
i wish i can copy and past all our conversation,
make me felt a bit better this morning,
un shaken me =.="
i was so scare of my own feelings,
the unsecured,
but i felt kinda better,
even it's not fully,
but it helps :,)
thank abg hafiz,
your so nice towards me.


sila culik budak ini,
die belum mandi,
die belum makan,
dan dia sangat lapar,
teuk sangat keadaan dia,

so please start realizing that who you are really are starting right now.

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