Sunday, December 19, 2010

a post before off to bed

one whole day,
i wait for your text,
and every time my phone rang,
deep inside me i wished it was you,
but who knows,
nothing happen,
things just change,
maybe things were never meant to be great between us,
maybe your we meant for others,
and not me,
i wish you knew how i felt,
i wish you knew who your are for me,
and sometimes i wish we were never met before.

good night love,
i want you to know that i miss you tonight,
yesterday too,
everyday of my every single life
and i'm trying hard to stop hurting myself for being like this.

i just wish you know

liena lynn, thanks for the apple :)

look, room mate dah ada.
I've spend a lot of time talking to my "block buddy" tonight
and thanks for some of you for letting me borrow your ears and share some problem :,)

selamat malam,
tomorrow start a new chapter of my life,
new semester,
new environment,
who knew i will find my prince charming tomorrow :)

nothing is impossible.


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