Sunday, December 5, 2010


few things i want to say.
  • i went out with my family this whole day. YES. WHOLE DAY. WITH MY FAMILY. make it clear         
  • for record: i ate a few lately. a few portion. few rice and all. I WANT TO GET THINNER. can i?
  • happiness just lost it's map for a while. i will be fine :)
  • buy a new printer. CANON :) consider my old printer, that is hp is now abandon in a place called store room . BHAHAHA.          

  • 5 day in counting for the result being announced
  • i have a serious bad dreams about you. :( i wish you knew how i miss you badly and i really want to know how you felt for me now. what happen to us?
  • still blur in what i want to do in life

 night people. keep your strong faith in yourself ok. 
don't loose hope,
in whatever your doing. :)

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