Thursday, December 23, 2010

it's morning already ?

hoyeeeeh, yesterday was awesome,
perfect English class and the mcd "treat myself" moment :)
it was superb.
picture will be edit first and will be upload a.s.a.p.
quite busy with tutorials here :)

still missing you 

seems that i have a lot of classes with you,
and i wish i can make through this :,)

and before i go to sleep,
i want you to know,
you always cross my mind.

dah dah, pagi-pagi buta x ley nangis. 

HAHA, i just finish my first tutorial for tomorrow class,
it takes me more than 2 hours to finish it,
just consider it was a reasonable time because while i was finishing my tutorials,
i take a lot of time playing facebook and all. =.="
very addictive. haishh
but congratulate me please,
because I've done 9/10 of my assignment. 
and i just look as bad as this:

more likely =.="
with this fever and all.
i really need to go to bed now :)
class start as early as 8.
not going to be late for sure.
i hate to be the last person to enter the class,
attract attention. =.="

HAHA, till then love.
toddles :)

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