Tuesday, November 23, 2010


when the night falls down, 
the moon raise up,
it's yellow tonight,
and it's so beautiful,
i lay my head on the pavement,
cold pavement,
i can see every inch of the moon,
and i raise my hand up,
wishing that i can touch it,
the wind flow through my face,
smell like roses,
mums roses on the bench, 
i hug my self to warm,
put a lullaby song on my mp3,
i wish i can sleep through the night here,
right now,
the star is twinkling,
i sit, and look,
one day,
deep inside me i plant a promise,
to just be happy,
a happy girl,
that always smile even life hurts her the most :,)

night readers. 
till then, 

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