Tuesday, November 23, 2010

how am i doing?

i'm having my guitar lesson,
i'm having a lot of photo shoot this month and next month,
3 weddings to attend and all of them are my beloved cousin's wedding,
you people are going to have kids already?
damn, we use to hang out and flirt together,
and now there are few of you going to go out and flirt with me. HAHA :D
congratulation to all of you
fyi, i'm becoming their flower girl :)
wearing pink dress and manage a lot of flowers *ROSES
damn  =.=" HAHA

more wedding photo shoot to come :)

D60 from Nikon =.="

buy me one? 
anyone? =.="

new hobby :)

regarding that now the weather is always raining,
i'm back to my bad habit,
playing in the rain,
slide on the grass,
try it,
it's one way to release heartache in a fun way. HAHA.
my new hobby and habit :)
p/s: insyaALLAH tak demam kalau terus mandi lepas main hujan :P

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