Sunday, October 31, 2010

will you be there for me till the end

Sometimes its just impossible to express how much you love someone. 
People think theres always words,
 even actions that can show it. 
But theres always times where one truly loves another but just can’t show it at the moment.
 Just because they have a hard time expressing how they feel toward you,
doesn't mean they don’t like or love you. 
Sometimes that’s just how love is.
 There’s just no set combination of words to even explain the feeling.
 I hope people realize this so they don’t expect their significant other to always have the right thing to say. Sometimes they just don’t. 
The sad part about it is that they probably kill themselves all day and night wishing they knew what to say to you,
 and how to show you how much they care.

Sometimes, when you're in love,
 it's okay to be stupid and risk it all.
 'Cause the feeling of not trying hurts a lot, right?
 The every day frustration, the what-if's and could-be's...
 It'll knock at the back of your mind and annoy you in every opportunity it could find.
 It would put you all over the place, 
turn you into someone but your whole self. 
But sometimes you also think that it's not only about being stupid,
 and it's not only because it hurts that you're doing it.
 You know you're not being completely illogical,
because you know that's just how love is supposed to be.

don't go 

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