Monday, October 4, 2010


life kinda sucks for me now. SUMPAH =.="
friends, life, UNIVERCITY LIFE, cheer mate, omg, it's killing
i miss a proper life.
and i just want to make sure it's without you.
i hate the unstable life i have now.
final it's just a few weeks from now. and it's just suck. suck more and more.
classes just make me so lazy to be in them,
books? tones of them need t be explore and READ.
FINAL IS ON 28. and i hevan't touch a thing. OTAK DIE.
gila piss off ni.
i can't barely breath. people around me makes me want to scream.
give me spaces, please.

i miss home,
hard to believe, i miss my family,
me and my folks are not going well together.
owhh,  miss grandma. grandma cooking. i want to hug her tight and cry.
why life so hard on me,
i want to be in love, but not with the wrong guy,
i want to be friend with someone that can hold on to me through ups and down,
people don't want me, i don't mind, but please give me right to live,

you hurt me omce,
then you just came back in like nothing happen.
yaa, people make mistake, and i forgive you a long time ago.
forgive with the scars that you left on me,
and still you can say "ketentuan ALLAH"
YES I ADMIT, allah dah tetapkan yg kita x kan bersama
and ALLAH make you fall in love with a better girl,
but still, how you treat me like a rubbish after it's all over.
doesn't effect you, but it does effect me.
it's easy on you, but it's DAMN SHIT HARD ON ME.
owhh, you never want to know how i face through life after you,
not you alone, every single of you,
p/s: you know who you are if you read this.

i'm moving on, moving on in a harsh life,
moving on with a big markon my head that you dump me for other girls, ALL OF YOU.
always try to wipe my own tears after you make my life fall apart,
i'm stong, VERY STRONG
but please, it's all over now, don't treat me like a shit.
we can be normal, so act normal
judge me after you've seen me & be with me. WTH
ignoring me? just go.
i'm trying to adapt with that.
and while your wlaking, take your foot step with you, and don't ever, ever, ever turn around.
because once you did,
you make my scar open again,
and when it bleed,
to cover it back, it's so freaking hurt.
and if you tend to hurt me, just go. let me be this way.
let me alone. dont bother to be friends if you tend to play with my heart FOR THE SCOND TIME


Nur Syazana said...


life is never easy but no matter what we have to face it. You must have some strength and faith in you. You should NEVER fall for guys easily, because some of them just want to take advantages of us. Be a bit choosy, and when you're with someone be a little bit queen control. The most important is PRAY to Allah, ask Allah for a better life. Allah will never test us over our limit. There must be a good reason for everything. InsyaAllah.

May Allah bless you always my dear friend :)

fatinlullaby said...

owhh, thanks xanna. thank you so much :,)

Nur Syazana said...

i'm always here if you need me :)

fatinlullaby said...

:,) touched.