Sunday, October 24, 2010

ice rooooooooom :)

the puppy eyes works well i guess :)
sayangggg, I LOVE YOU

i want to say thanks because:
  1. you rented a car just to bring me to ice room
  2. you willing to stay all night long just to be with me
  3. we share our ice cream, our fav flavor. strawberry
  4. you love me the way i are :)

MOOD: bahagia gila :)

focus :
  1.  fatin gemuk
  2. bawak nota pegi ice room. p/s: study la wey :D
  3. i love you. although we all can see the ignorance 

this is him,
syamir zulkefli.
only him. ily :)

through ups and down,
i'll promise,
to be there for you, for us 

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