Saturday, October 9, 2010

havent' sleep yet.

i'm not sleeping because i wait for you, 
for you to sing a song for me,
make sure that i'm warm enough before i went to bed,
make sure i don't get a mosquito bite,
make me sleep with you as a prince and me as a princess in my dream,
give me imaginary good night kiss, 
make my day complete with your good night text.
i miss does moment,
but life still a lot more to learn,
learn to let go things from past, and learn how to be better in future,
i haven't sleep yet, because i'm wondering,
what will my life could be in few years time.
night readers. xoxo

p/s: the bed felt empty when your alone, but deep in yourself, you know, eventually time will heals the pain of lonely, and the emptiness in life will be fill.
times matter

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