Tuesday, October 26, 2010

i've been tag 
my kak miera aziz yang sangat cantik ini :)
and here it goes:

Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write
a note with 25 things, fact, habits or goal about you. At the
end choose 20 people to be tagged. You have to tagged people who tagged you.
If I tag you ots because I want to know more about you.

  1. i love pink
  2. i love cats. a lot.
  3. i love BARNEY! the huge dinosaur that love to sing. and i have one in my hug.
  4. i'm a Manchester Utd fan
  5. i love fluffy things
  6. i love teddies
  7. i love ice cream
  8. i love strawberries
  9. i love to sleep. A LOT.
  10. blogging is my life. love it more than fb
  11. i love adventure
  12. i want to get rich while i'm young
  13. and when i'm old i want to live with a huge mansion on a island with the person i love the most
  14. i love music. just English one. 
  15. i love shopping especially when i have a lot of money, no one can stop me from buying stuff that i want.
  16. i love to eat.  A LOT.
  17. i hate anonymous
  18. sometimes, i hate form spring
  19. i want to be in love with my ex again =.=" stupid confession
  20. am i taken? will be. is it?
  21. i love snow. and i have dream to sleep on it.
  22. i'm a mess when come to house work
  23. i can't cook well. and it's a shame because now i am 19. and my "bf" planning to get married when we are 28. still got 9 years to learn :)
  24. i want to be an successful accountant, daughter, mother of twins, friend, and a person to everyone.  
  25. i'm a UN perfect girl who had her own deepest darkest secret that every time she time of it, she want to turn back time and fix everything about it. but the truth she know that she can't :,)

DONE, and i felt like i want to write more and more and more.hehe. 

thanks akk, for tagging :)

who's been tag next,
few of my followers have been tag by sis, so here's mine.

DONE. sumpah penat. 
but at least, i will learn more about my blog friend through this,

p/s: some of you might not know me but eventually i always stalk you profile because it's cool :) 
happy answering.

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