Thursday, October 7, 2010

FOTOgraphy :)

every went well. so well i guess. and now, i have my own sifu . a lot of them, to give me lesson about the way i take photo and edit.

 FOCAL OBLIQUE. you guys are the best :)

2 models are there. PREETY DOE.

fatingraphy's in action :)

presenting  KAK MINAZ.

please drop a comment for critics or complement :)


please drop a comment for critics or complement :)

the TEAM :)

oh and this guy,
i just love his music, he have great talent,
both in playing guitar and photography. =.=" 

just consider than i'm now in love with any guy that know how to play guitar :)
and extra KNOWS HOW TO TAKE PICTURE. serious one. 

this is my first experience joining classes with serious photographer :)
and it was superb.
and it's a great experience for me as a camera lover. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH :)

kolej aminuddin baki


and here it's me, the fresh and immature photographer that is learning how to play with a toy name DSLR.
i want to own one by my own. :D

this is what i call love. ily :)

p/s: i want to say a lot thanks to all the sniper, the focal oblique, the outsider photographer that came to ukm and join us.
what a great pleasure :)
oh, a lot of thanks to the focal oblique who critics my picture,
i will use it as a teaching kit for me. 
i'm still fresh and immature,
need a lot to learn.
so teach me, i need a lot of tutor about photographing :)

THANKS EVERYONE. you make someone dream come true.


AMENG said...

kalau dapat join mesti niceeeeeee~

fatinlullaby said...

next time. please join us please :)