Monday, October 25, 2010

blood and vein

you can see me smile, 
but can you see the pain :,)

we fight for stupid things,
ignore our self but the fact is we both want attention,
i felt like i force myself to make myself happen,
even the truth is i'm not,
i just happy when i watch you happy,

i felt you are far away from me even we are next to each other,
i felt that every single love words that came out from our mouth is just a word,
i felt doubt in everything that we do,

i make everything felt perfect and the truth is nothing perfect in this world,
all i ever wanted in life is a smile,
and as you can see that I've sacrifice enough myself to be happy
is it worth it?
is it worth fighting for?
for us?

i have no tears on me anymore,
few years past,
my life was not perfect.
i have a lot of love around me,
but me myself can't see it,
i'm blind with my shadow,
i'm blind with my past,
i'm stuck between dreams and reality.

yes , the right word.


all i ever wanted to do is someone to lighten it up,
make it a clear road for me.
can you understand what i want.

final starts tomorrow,
i need to go back to my book.
till then heartache.


your my blood and vein,
no matter what,
i will try to love you.

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