Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10 (2)

p/s: desperate x? agak la kan. =.="
hishh, i went out and see a lot of couple out there, 
cuddling to each other, laughing with a pamper tone,
watch movie together, i miss those moment, 
eventually when i look at my phone, i watch my hand,
it's empty,
i guess not all girl have the exception to fall in love,
i'm tired watching others happiness,
but what can i do?

p/s: fatin kene kuat, ALLAH dah tentukan jodoh kita, sabar ye fatin :,) 


Lyana Ariffin said...

yup fatin.. u must strong... insyaallah mesti ada someone untuk fatin.. i also felt lonely too....huhuhu.. and sometimes trasa nk ada someone yg special dlam life..heheh

fatinlullaby said...

owhh liyana :) thanks sayanggg.
sama-sama kuat k. hehe. being lonely is normal. sabar la ye. kita sam-sama dalam satu kapal.