Monday, September 27, 2010

splendid moment with tina

 friend, girlfriend, best friend,
we both had been together since standard one.
and now, our relationship has counter most over 13 years.
such a long time.

we were friend since standard one,
yes, since we were in primary school,
i love her more and more,
and never less even a single second of my life,
she's my love, my sunshine and my blood.
without her, there are no reason for me to stay alive.
i love you sayang :)

we watch her bf (madi) play football
have a walk back to college amin after few minute at the field
get ready to go to KL (YES, KUALA LUMPUR) woot woot
sewa kete babe :D p/s: AUTO. hehe
photo shoot session with lemau :)

eat at the bakery inside UKM.
tina's favorite place now.

p/s: sedap kan yuyunk lasagna tu. nnty kita makan ag :)

around 3 p.m, the rented car arrive.
first pit stop, bukit jalil.
to buy tina's ticket bus.

2nd pit stop:

we can know that they love each other so much :)

location : zara's fitting room :)
tina meroyan, shopping gerilla =.="
she spend about RM210 on zara's stuff.

me: enough with giordano green sweater :)

next : night session (overnight)
devil! =.=" sumpah terkejut-terkejut story dia.
ang guess who am i siting with that night ?
little kidd of mine :)
we meet, at last. 

lovely couple :)

  mamak stall before movie :)

after a great movie,
we change our plan to drive back to UKM,
regarding everyone is tired and madi have football game the next day.
so we end up driving to putrajaya first. and eventually getting lost.
saw alamanda with no reason,
and take a long drive back home to ukm =.="

Sunday's morning :)

breakfast at MCD kajang :)
 what i ate: pancakes (1 set), mc muffin(ala cart)
but still, I'm hungry =.="

help tina to do some shopping :)

tina having her fringe cut :)

saya sayang ini budak :)

and around 12, i drive tina back to bukit jalil. and make sure that she's save on the bus.
go back to uitm lendu :)

sayang take care.
thanks for coming and make my weekends wonderful,
i always love you,
you are the best girl friend that i ever wanted,
ily,ily,ily :)

with love, nurfatin nadiah :)


Tiena Nasir said...

the sweetest written post by fatin ever! thanks syg... really touched my heart and soul...

fatinlullaby said...

awww, your welcome sayang. dah 13 tahun kita kawan kan. kejap je :) love you sayang. always :)