Thursday, September 16, 2010

dyra. thanks for the fantastic time :)

we did plenty of things that 2 whole day right sayang :)
we dis some shopping,
watch movie together,
experimenting make up p/s: on my face. :D

SUMPAH. i have fun, wonderful time,
sorry for what had happen,
i really want to seek for your forgiveness with what had happen.
i know it's my false,
but i hope you understand with what had happen,
i've suffer enough, 
but don't worry, i'm use to it :,)

p/s: later, we plan another overnight together k babe :)
i always love you

thank you so much for being in my life,
i don't want to loss you. ever,
and i want you to know that i really love you. :)
thanks for always being there for me.

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