Thursday, August 5, 2010

it's still not my day

i look into your eyes, and cry,
thanks for giving me chance to know you.
p/s: tq


naz said...

AWWWW sweet

fatinlullaby said...


yanafia said...

im sorry.i can't help you
you might hate me for being close to him.
but believe me, he just like any other cricketers that get pampered by the big sis.he just retarded like any other cricketers that love to bully me. strong.i know the hurt.

fatinlullaby said...

kak yana! nooo, fatin x marah. i never hate you. never ever. trust me. i love you more than you can ever imagine kakak. please, don't be say that again. SUMPAH FATIN SAYANG AKK. your the one who govong me chnace to meet him akk. and i thank you for that.i know akk, even you say i;m a baby, but still i can figure out that the guys are so close to you just like sister and little brother. no worries:) fatin penah ckp dgn akk kan. dah2, i love you. even i can't get him. thank you for giving chance for me to know him kak yana. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH