Thursday, July 15, 2010

this is me.

i don't want to be a girl that i use to be before,
a girl that don't care what a girl should do or not.
i might be a good girl outside, but inside who knows.
i don't want get any worst regarding i'm far away from home.
i want to change, i want to put a big impact on my life and others to.
people change for some reason.
some people say, people change because of certain person they care and love ask to.
HAHA, i guess i have those feelings before.
but now i'm old enough to be independent.
to be a girl who can live in her own world that don't need some guy to hold on to.
sooner or later there will be my turn.
along the journey of life, everyone knows it's hard and tough.
everyone know's sometimes it's killing when we want to hold on to someone and that person is not there or not yours anymore.
but who cares, life still moving on and things that now become the past remain past.
and there are still a lot more to fix especially my self.
i'm fixing my self to be a better person and try not to repeat the same mistake.
it's okay i guess to make mistake because mistake teach human about being different in future.
so whoever out there that know me before, please change your mind set about me.
i'm trying hard to be different. and don't because of my previous mistake, you still wanted to hate me.
except how the way i am now, if you can't just go.
i guess i don't loss a thing. :)
and please look yourself in the mirror first before pointing your finger on me,
do you look perfect yourself?
did you ever done any big mistake in your life?
did you ever hurt if get hurt by someone?
so i guess we both just the same.
human being that live in a planet call earth and keep trying to do things so that life with spin around until the day we die :)

p/s: nabi maafkan umatnya, sabar dengan segala dugaan hidup, dan tidak pernah berputus asa dengan apa jua yang dilakukan walaupun menyakiti dirinya sendiri. kenapa kita tidak boleh lakukan perkara yang sama? tentu boleh kalau disudut hati kita ader perasaan sabar dan tidak mudah patah dengan dugaan yang telah allah tetapkan.

i remember once my friend told me when i was having a broke down few month ago.
fatin, allah duga kita sebab dia sayang kita, die nak tgk, mampu x kita bertahan denagn dugaan yang die berikan. kalau fatin dapat bersabar dan terus ingat padanya, insyaallah, satu hari nanti kebahagiaan akan menjadi milik fatin. mungkin bukan didunia. mungkin diakhirat :)

love, nurfatin nadiah :)

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