Wednesday, July 14, 2010

at last!

the first place i went for entertainment after two weeks stuck in UKM :)
to make thing short, SAYA KUAR DATING DENGAN AKK MODEL <3

sumpah lawa :)

oh yes, and iqa , my tarian friend. p/s: last min join.

so we all meet at FEP bus stop nearby KAB.
FEP: fakulti ekonomi perniagaan
KAB: kolej aminudin baki

i felt excited to take the 6 Z bus.
we ride quite around ukm and i even can see ZABA'S hostel. 
some of the faculty.
need to be on tour around ukm more often i guess :) 
p/s: sape nak bwk saya jalan2 HAHA

and model of the day will be kak fateen :)
inside the KTM

p/s: every time i said that she will punch me hard at my shoulder =.="

 and reach mid valley around 1.20 p.m

oh yes, the left one is iqa :)

the first motif of being here is to watch eclipse 

p/s: kak fateen x suke. haha

but still there are some dialog from this movie makes me love the movie so much.
LOVE IT! i give 4 stars out of 5 :)
next movie in mind will be. DRUM ROLL. 

step up IN 3D

so, movie DONE, stomach NOT YET
heading to the food court. :)

as i remember, the last time i touch this sizzling mee is when i'm in jb. 

:) lawa kan . even she's eating she look good. 
p/s: kene tumbuk lagi =.="

BIG APPLE :) ketagih woo.
so i buy two flavor for my self.
p/s: no picture, already enter the chamber of stomach 

heading back home. or ukm :)

cute little boy standing beside his mother waiting for the train to come :)

thanks for the great day <3

iqa too :) thanks!

inside the KTM, kaka look tired.
she slept leaning her head at the ktm glass.

me and iqa said: sian akk penat layan kitaorg. terharu.
jangan serik kuar dgn ktorg.

people said i look different when wearing tudung. 
i try to stick with it. :)

p/s: :) you see me smile but deep inside you don't know how i felt for myself 

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