Sunday, June 20, 2010


his talented :)
fyi, he sings and play guitar
p/s: don't forget what you promise me or not i'll bite you

this is my little kidd .MINE! haha
this little guys is so annoying when he start to make me piss off =.="
p/s: he teach me this smiley
and yes, i do love him. i really am.
when his around, i just felt YOUNG haha
the best part is now, we both are going to study at the same area :) 
p/s: balik raya dengan sis! haha
he had his own mind to play around and he hates people messing around with it.
even though his physical is small but i guess he have his mature mind to think like an adult. furthermore, his sygg, take care of yourself that i know you can do it by your self.
don't underestimate my little kidd or not whoever play with his heart will be kick so hard at their ass!
p/s: ILY bdk :) i do.


naz said...

i love naruto haha

KIDD said...

lol sis.
tenks fer the write.
haha bile u amek pic lukesan kat doodle tuh.ta cakap

ilyt la cikguuu :))

fatinlullaby said...

naz : hehe. his the artist :)
kidd: haha; SUPRISEEE!. ilyt sygg :)