Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i still want to be a little girl that cry for stupid stuff and wanted to be treated like a small innocence girl
and when i started to pull my face, i want someone give me teddy BETTER BARNEY
when i run away just to be sulking, i want a guy to hold me from running away , hug me and let me cry in his warm hug,
he wipe my tears away and say 'everything will be fine baby, you with me now'
i miss those charming word that someone use to give me.
i want a guy just follow what i wanted, if i ask him to jump he jump,
if i ask him to run he run,
and i want a guy that have very wide imagination that i can be some part of it.
but i guess people getting older,
mind getting mature.

i still want to be childish, immature, happy go lucky and a normal innocent little girl that have a great heart,
i want to make every single person in my life happy. i really do :)
but at the same time, i want to have older mind, mature way kind of thinking.

p/s: changing to be a better person :)

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