Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sigh :)

pass by another day of mine being a student , a friends and a normal human being just being herself to survive in this world.

*his image still playing in my mind. sigh. how is he now?

today just felt the same like the day before, nothing have change much, accept i start text back with buncit. :)
we had a little fight yesterday but it's ok now.
HEY BUNCIT, imy :)

and yup, i text sis ainur to :) owww, i miss her badly.
akk, one day i will write a blog especially for you.
that's my promise :)
we text about exam, life, me, her, football. normal conversation.
and i always know, when i broke down, i know who to turn to :)
yup, it's her. kak ainur. 

but today a felt a bit moody. may be it's getting near to final. more pressure came to me.
books getting stacking on my table, the floor, racks, everywhere!
it's fine for me. cause i am planning to clean it up before Sunday.
omg! how much i miss them.

I've got something to share with you reader's about things that interest me to write on the blog today:

 1. jooi ying wearing baju kurung :)

this interest me the most.
actually i didn't think that one day she going to wear it. 
yesterday she text me to go to English class with me.
so, i was thinking she misses me after not going to class the day before.
but when i met ria ( her roommate), she told me that jooi ying wearing baju kurung today.
so i went to get her and OMG! haha, i was shocked to death. haha she's wearing a white and flowery baju kurung.
she look BEAUTIFUL.
* that doesn't mean she's not before.
but like heaven, she look so pretty!
haha, but the wrong dress code is she's wearing it with sport shoes. haha

can see clearly from this picture cause she's refuse to take one with me c(: grrrr.

so at the end, she told me that the Chinese girl for accounting course are taking picture for the last time. 
this is because this is the last week before the study and examination week. :)
and she told me that this is the last time she will wore baju kurung in metrics.

p/s: jooi ying look so preeeeetyyyyyy :) 

2. yusnizah couple ring :)

me: yus, kawin jgn lupe jemput fatin
yus: insyaallah

the end :)

actually , the question pop at my mind on business lecture just now. 
watching her couple ring reminds me of my old relationship
dear, hope your relationship everlasting k sayang. :)
looking forward to be at your wedding. 

3. business program tonight.

7.45 p.m till 11.00 p.m

oh god, like for sure I'm going to felt sleepy
hoping the people who gave the speech are not BORING.

lastly from me before another blog appear :)



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