Thursday, March 25, 2010

one day left having time with you peeps:)

i wish not to write a lot bout today class. cause there are no interesting stuff to write.
fiza's bring her digital camera and we took a lot of picture with our lecturer and friend :)

tomorrow will be the last day before study week start.
i am planning to skip class, but regarding tomorrow is the last day i meet my friends and enemy. LOL
so, it's the time to ask for forgiveness to all of them :)

so i met ella today, this afternoon. she came and borrow my scarf for tomorrow class. they were planning to wear pink and purple.
and we plan to wear purple for the whole aras, have our breakfast tomorrow together.
so im looking forward for a great morning.

* dedicate this whole picture to MohdShaifulNizamAyobOmar.

to you: jgn pressure dengan life :)
wishing you to be better in time.


pivo said...

knapa dy comel sgt!!!!
sy rindu dy!!!!
this is unfair!!!

fatinlullaby said...

especially made for you :)