Friday, March 26, 2010

no tittle

i felt better today. today was the last day of class & lecture. teacher still teach in front but me and some gigs were playing around behind.
i wish to update my blog picture that i wish to take it from someone else.
maybe in few day's i will upload it :)
today afternoon,
account student have things to attend, at first me and eca was planning not to go. but regarding is a 'mohon restu' programme, so i wish to go. but planning not to go on Saturday, cause my family planning to take me back to village,
my condition getting worse, so i need to seek some village medicine.
at the same time i wish to calm my self down before the study week.

me: one week left , work hard fatin. 
stop being like a zombie
real me: i can't, i miss him :(
me: until when?
real me: i guess forever
me: wth!
real me: i wish to change, i really do.
me: im trying hard, i really do
real me: i know you can do it. i know you can
me: heartless.

p/s: feeling  dull


hanismalik said...

Hai...Saya sedang blogwalking dan mengharapkan pertemuan ini sebagai tanda persahabatan kita selamanya. Silalah berkunjung ke "rumah" sy juga=)

fatinlullaby said...

tq. and i will :)