Monday, March 22, 2010

mondayyyy :)

starting the day by waking up late. 7.21 a.m :)
story from last night.
agrhhhhh! hahaha.
guess what , now that kmns has blocked the wireless for fb, i really can focus on my exam now. hahaha c(:
at least i have my blogger :) i love bloggering! haha

quite shocked actually what happen yesterday. suddenly it came back in a rush.
and i really don't know what happen to us act.
I am really giving you up. and i stop BEGGING you.
what the matter with you.
I am ok now, i just trying to be back to normal.
p/s : i slept with your barney last night :)
knowing that you read my blog, i would like to post you this:

hear me, my dear.
i wish to hate you but i can't,
i wish to forget and i will,
i wish to get rid you from my mind, but i don't want to.
it's my life, my feelings , and my head.
you can't tell me not to or do whatever thing that you want me to do anymore.
cause you are nothing inside me.
be nice please, even tough you play hard on me.
i can't be mad to you or hate you for some reason.
may be i were meant to be like this.
i accept my self who i am, so do everyone else.
all i know is, when people hurt me, i won't hate them.
i really try, but i can't.
cause they are some part of my life.
and i wish to change everything and make it a part of me that is beautiful to be remember.
it's a piece of memory that left to be remember.
why waste it? the time we spend, it's beautiful for me. just me.
so, i don't wish to throw it away :)
the thing that you thought me, you remind me of of bad attitude, my HYGIENE.haha.
i will change it for my better life. tq :)  
about the new life of yours, have a great life.
i wish to see you happy with someone else.
i wish to see you smile again like you were with me.
i wish to see you laugh and have a great time every time you spend it with others.
i really do :)
i have my own life now, great friends, family, people to be discover. 
don't worry, the thing that you hate to happen to us will never happen. cause i know it really never going to be happen.
i put hope on it, but it's just a dream that will never came true.
my heart remain clueless and hung. but i wish to see yours happy with whatever you do.
dear you. take care of yourself. :)
and i know you will.
p/s: barney will remain mine! 
it will make me remember about us.
tq :)
4 evrything.
today plan:

so im gonna wear manchester united shirt again :)
hey, i got two of it!

watch our account football team semi final game :)
* wish to wear black today. :)

i have a hard day today, but i wish to finish my revision on my business for few chapter. planning to stay up and struggle all night. haha . i wish i can :)
2 weeks fatin till final exam!
stop playing around, remember your family,
they put a very high hope on your future
don't make them down.
just two more weeks. than it's over,
:) sacrifice everything.
put into yourself in a very serious situation. 
mama, ayah, mak, akk ainur & others :
i will prove i can do the best for myself.
with my condition now, i really wish to be something that can be proud of :)
pray for me. 

song mood for today : if we ever meet gain by timberland feat katy perry
hey soul sister by trains
enjoy it :)

p/s : arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
and it still end with a smile :)

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