Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it's a rainy day :)

for so long i am faking my self. it's hard for me to get out from this pressure
thinking of you,
your image inside my mind.
the memories, everything.
the rainy day remind me about us.
it's just i can't cry.
how hurt i am now, but really i can't cry.
today rain's heavily.
may be if shows how hard i wish to cry in front you.
hug you tight and never want to let you go.
the thunder represent the harshness of my life being alone without you holding me close.
the rain flow through the drain represent the memories that we have made flow through away and nothing can stop it.
the rain drop sound remind me of your heartbeat when i put my head close to your chest.
and right now,i wish you can make me warm, with your love. old love that use to be ours.
wishing you were here, beside me. and make everything felt normal.

but i know, i can't do anything 
I'm helpless 
 broken hearted girl

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