Sunday, March 21, 2010

feelings and tought.

this is life. it represent the wheels.
there will be up and down.
sometimes it will be on top,
sometime it will be at the bottom
weve learn a lot while we go through every place it go.
some thorny, some wet , some smooth, some hard.
but this is life.
like wheels to.
sometimes it go backwards,
sometimes it go fast forward,
sometimes it go slowly following the flow.
trust me, it's complicated. and you don't want to think deep about it.
i felt the up's and down
and i learn from it a lot.
and it's influence me through time.
tought me about life, and how to survive in it.
it will not always beautiful.
readers, love everything that you do.
let go everything that hurt you.
live to the fullest.
trust me , life is always have their different perception
so do i :)

p/s: kak tiera nak sign out :)
thanks akk tmn fatin on9

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