Monday, March 8, 2010

the end

it was a shocked. without notice or anything.
i just wrote us a blog sayang, just yesterday
i still remember what i write about us.
what happen to you, what happen to us.
i cant sleep, even your barney can't make me smile. it makes me cry worse. harder. missing you
i beg you, right??
since the first day we know, how we meet. oh dear, its hard to forget. :(
please don't let me go.
why? sorry because im blurrr. sorry cause burden you. 7 month relationship is a very long relationship.
and sayang, it's hard to forget. how come you can easily forget bout us?? why me??
why me? am i dumb? am i not good enough for you? give me a chance please. please sayang?
i really need you. i swear. i promise i will change. change for our relationship.
pleaseee sayangg. i really love you so much. don't leave me please. :,(
it's hard for me although its easy for you.
please remember promise.
the time we spend.
don't let it go sayang??
pleaseee??? i beg you. down to my knee.
i cry evrytime i remember you.
you influence my life sayang.
you do :(
but at the end. what can i do??
i must let you go.
cause you hate me.
you really hate me??
you don't want me in your life?

im letting you go.
i love you so much :(
so much
and you know what?
i will still hold my promise even tough you broken it.
to still loving you forever.
for the rest of mylife.
i love you muhd firdaus
i really do :(


apple said...

what was happened dear?
why so sudden uhh?
cant believe that coz i tot u guys r such a sweet couple. ??
be strong key?
i know u can face all this kinda things.

fatinlullaby said...

can i know who you are?? i can't read ur blog dear.
im oke :)
it's all my false.
i don't treat him the way he want me.
mayb im not good enough for him.
he deserve a better girl than me.
much more better.
tq for your concern :)