Wednesday, March 24, 2010

business for the night :)

today's night are not that tired i think.
quite interesting actually,
i came second after que. the lecture hall was empty at first.
it was fun and interesting with the representer was so funny.
we enjoy his speech. especially me :)
swear i laugh a lot.
i sat in the middle of the lecture hall. :)
at first i was alone then come didy and teri accompany me :) then hafiza came.
we sat behind our lecturer miss getha and en fadzil :)
at the back is xanna, yana, fiza and others.
but my attention that night was MR WONG!! my wong2. hahaha

he was me and teri attention that night :)
mr wong. i love youuuuu <3 hehe

so this is him, the speaker.
i swear i forget his name , so sorry. and i really wish to met you in UKM.
one day :)

it end at exactly 10.30 p.m
and i went straight to merlin ( my neighbour) room to updated my blog for you readers :)

me straight after the programme. 
with saida black cardi and my fav blue t-shirt :)

p/s: i really wish to make people proud of me one day:)
* but, I'm sleepy now, haha :)

wish tomorrow will be a better day than today :)

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