Saturday, March 6, 2010

7th anniversery to remember

this is what i call crazily falling in love.
yes i love him, i really love him more than anything.
i think the day we spend togerther for our 7 month anny in melacca will be our memories forever.
p/s : sayang, if we can't go far than this, please kept our memories close to ourself. Im afraid to loose it. cause it is the best memories i ever had. i swear sayang. i really love you.

3 days :) weve been together :)
i swear i eat LOOOOOTTTTT. :) kan sayang? ahaha.
he was the one who feed me up with food. a looot of junk food. & i LOIKE IT!!!!
cyg, baby gemok sbb awk. grrrrr :P

i can't picture everything sayang. it was the best day
the movie
the concert
the FOOD
the night
the warm night
the sweet day
owhhh its everything
it was the best sayang

when i was asleep on the mcd table, you were always there. Make sure im ok on that hard table.
you make sure im asleep then you let my hand go. then you play that stupid game :) hehehehe

i love you,i love you,i love you,i love you,i love you,i love you,i love you,i love you

first day :)

second day :)

i really love this moment :)
thanks sayang. i loveeee youuuuu

at the end, you perfect my day, i love you sayang
i love you muhamad firdaus
so much
till the end . i promise

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