Thursday, February 18, 2010

moment with you :)

thank you people

13 February , was the best date ever. i think.
sayangnessss, i love u guys like damn!! haha
thanks for the great day. for sya, 2 days!!! yeayyy. syed * jgn jeles deh!!
i wrote this note in a terrible condition. with stupid line on my berukband!!
thanks to kak tiera for the berukband. I LOVE YOUUUU!!
sya & syed, hope meeting me was fun? sorry cause my mouth like hell noisy!
ive got something to talk to you. starting from syed :


3 years not seeing you. hahaha rinduuu
at last, we suppose to be meeting each other in jb but both busy with life.
now i can't believe that you have a girlfriend. wow
cute gf!!
you suppose to be quite. silent like a errrrr,mouse?
at last,3 years we meet. i& i loikeeee.
hehehe. we laugh and laugh and laugh
it was one of my best day ever :) thanks for the ride.
for the smile.
for the time.
for everything dear syed.
hope in future we can meet again. Maybe in ur wedding in future? sya?? haha
i wish to talk face to face. for a long time :)
i wish i can talk more but this berukband like SHIT!.


girls, omg you were like the best gf!!
so small! first impression was:
wow, mcm hindustan
wow,like my little sister. so cute
wow,so adorable & MANJA!!!!
hehehe. so cute dear. you really are
* and you know what, syed use to tell me that he love you so much because u are so manja :)
i love u to dear. do u love me? haha
thanks dear for the moment. how nice of you to bring me to pantai puteri.
i was so happy that time. we play swing, sea water.
p/s: later fatin upload okie dokie :)

masjid tanah moment:
the kfc :) love it. i never ate kfc with someone like you. hope we can eat again?
i really want to. :) syed , don't be jealous.
the shawl? hope you love it dear. Syed got tell me something. just except it as a present oke?
the picture ive print, is for memories. who know one day im not around to be with you anymore, i hope you can still remember me :)
thank you sya. your the best . ily

to round up all: meeting syed back was fun & sya was the best
hope to meet you guy soon enough
sorry for the picture. cannot be uploaded cause BERUKBAND like SHIT.
later promise to update more & more about three of us :)
*sya, picture of us at the sea later fatin upload. PROMISE.
I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. thank you :)

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