Saturday, August 22, 2009

johor bahru :)

my bus was on 2.30 pm. so i slept the whole journey cause i had this dizzy sickness that can cause me VOMIT! yup. i take my pill & had a great sleep along the journey. all my colleque were mad at me.but its ok they say. at last , we the kmns-sian reach larkin at 7.30. OMG, when i see the skudai tol i was so excited. my plan was eating mcd, but i had to go straight home cause the mcd was full of STUDENT. they having their puasa+merdeka holiday! THAT IS NOT FAIR!!! :(


damn, i miss my dyra :(
dont have that time to meet her :(
i think she's mad at me.sorry syg ;( imy,imy,imy
my sayang to,his in pontian but we cant meet each other :(
worst, he go back to his village & were didnt text that night :(
damn! i miss him. no webcamming with him this night :(

the +ve side- NEW LAPTOP!!!
i know is not the one i want but at least i have my own lappy :)
not pink.not vaio, but at least have a WEBCAM!
its blue,acer - same as azam's laptop.
'kebetulan ok'

berbuka puasa,* first thing that came out from my mind this morning

  1. murtabak
  2. bandung
  3. ayam

simple right.jimat-jimat.hehehe

bazar kampung melayu.

i buy:

  1. ayam rendang
  2. soya campur( got ruby,cendol,cincau, etc)
  3. murtabak
  4. tart puff

i just use my money to buy tart puff :)

no bubur for today. :(

gtg,mummy mumbling bout me onlining using new laptop.sishhh!!

currently: miss my sayang :( badly

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