Thursday, July 30, 2009

seharian beronggeng

mornink sunshine :) new day for me.but act is he same day for this past two week. yesterday im having a date with cik sada.its was fun overall.with this two guys from sada friend.out from house early morning at cause i need to send my lil bratz to school, dad to work, mom to shopping ( later that afternoon).believe it or not, i done my niaga assignment ( that is still havent finished) at my dad office & i brought those books to city square.haha

reach city square at 11.00, but before there i go to persada to meet my uncle & do a bit make up.damn! their toilet is luxury! my lovely sadako reach cs at 12 something & we had a walk around city square.we done some shopping & window shopping .stuff that we bought:
  • cuddi 1 - fatin & saida

location: innercity

price: RM 12.90

  • cuddi 2 - fatin

location : paddini seed

price : real price RM59 70% discount! after discount RM 17.70

  • shawl

location: cant remember

price: RM 9.90

  • scarft

location: chamelon

price: RM 3.90

  • picture printing

location: kodak

price : RM 1.00

thanks cause spent time with me sayang :)
have damn lot fun spending time with you :)
and the next few hour we spend with sada friend :)they were quite nice but a bit weird kinda guy.haha.but its fun :) act, the planning is to watch skrip 7707 but the BOYS are late so we change plan.we watch hantu ambulans.the story wat scary. cause i scream a lot* but actually its not that horror.the ghost are just like to came out of nowhere.haha.the ending quite sucks.cause there are no serious ending.3 stars out of 5.

after movie we just straight go to the foodcourt cause im meeting mr hazim aka amon.his wearing pink :) my first impression is. HIS CUTE. hehehe i like his glasses.meeting him & his friends was just a short while.dropping by to say stuff.
nice meeting you amon, hope to meet you again :)
eat fatin eat, eat saida eat.hahaha.cant imagine how hungry i am that time.eating chicken cuttlet that been introduce by xanna :) it taste the same alright.this is the after plate , the before plate i did not capture cause im to hungry to do it.cheers! :)

saida myb not hungry so thats why her plate not finished.hehe.but she said she is fulled.mine clean.cause im starving.for desert, saida drinking bandung but me my FAV ice cream!!!! STRAWBERRY PARADISE. although it cost me RM5.50 but its a once in a cuti sem experiance taste bud wanna eat. :)

we continue our journey to shopping this time with guys around to escort.haha,we just walk & walk until we drop.haha.somthing funny happen.saida pushing me towards the opposite escalator.omg! people were watching.the guy was laughing at me.its ok saida.i forgive you.haha.:) great memory :)

stuff that i bought ( sempat lagi)

  • elmo t-shirt!!

location : inner city, the same place me & saida buy the cuddi

price: RM9.90

saida also buy it but the guy pay for him.hehehe.hers is cookie gonna buymore later :)

home,home,home!! phone ringing, my dad calling me so i must get home & pick the whole family back to home. :( need to stop her you this sunday back in KMNS. love you dear!! thank for the fun!

im gonna miss you JB


My shopping journey never white shoes is torn behind.need new one :)


yes!!! my father drove the car to smart.hehe,new shoe coming:)

location : in the car

my sayang say: ingatkan dah habis shopping. (syg, ily)

searching,searching,searching.yes!! found new one.its not that preety but its ok i thing :) this is the before buying shoe time.

the new shoe havent take a later i uplode it.feeling lazy actually to snap.cause im tired. :). then straight back to home.

thanks to saida for spending a fabulous time with me

thanks mom & dad for the shoe

cian kau dik kene teman akk :)

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