Tuesday, July 28, 2009

few days in counting

3 days in counting before going back to kmns ): i just wish that the time pas so slow so i can still stay here in jb.

oh mom, oh dad, please let me stay in jb fo a while.please!! i promise to be good.

i promise to clean up tha house everyday.i promise to cook for you (ermm,need to be concidered).i pinky swear promise to be a veryyy nice girl.please dont send be back to kmns.im gonna miss my friend in jb.my assignment still havent finished.pleaseeee

stuff to do before going back to kmns.

that i wish the matric is located here beside my house so i dont need to go back to kuala pilah.

  1. wednesday- hanging out with saida.lets watch movie ! (skrip 7707)
  2. thurday- meet with kak ila. imhsdfm!! (: she got life crisis now.
  3. friday-last hangout with dyra sygggggg , azam & azan. or mayb just dyra (: ok cyg??
  4. saturday-balik kampung!! melacca & meet tina at uitm alor gajah (: imy sayang
  5. sunday-back to my mother earth. KOLEJ MATRIKULASI NEGERI SEMBILAN

1 comment:

Deanchumels said...

i will u mish u hunn :(
but i wnt u know .
i love u sgt2 sis :)